Tuesday, May 26, 2015

True Words Tuesday: Lost and Found

Stop waiting around for someone to love you back.

If he won't commit,
if you can't count on him,
if he betrays you,
if he doesn't keep his promises,
cut him loose.

No matter how hard it seems at the time,
you'll be better off.

The YOU who is you at the core,
your soul you,
will applaud you for taking a stand,
for asserting your right to be loved 
by someone worthy of your love and attention.

She's waiting. . . .
for you to discover what you've been missing.


Sandy K. said...

Hi Meri - you have captured that moment when you take yourself back. My daughter and I had one of those weekends when the topic of conversation would wind around to lost moments, and found ones. I also love the graphic representation. Thank you for sharing your feelings so openly.

Mascha said...

Wow, you are back with great collage and wise words!
(thanks for stopping and comentig by me)