Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't Believe Everything You Think

The other day, I caught myself thinking
old, worn out thoughts
and acting for all the world
as if they were facts.
And then I remembered:
I created them. They’re not “real.”
I can change them whenever I want..

What thoughts are tripping you up,
making you believe that you're not
totally adorable

Making you believe that
no one will ever love you again
it's always gonna be like this
that's just how it is
you can't be yourself

? ? ?


Michael and Hanne said...

Love your blogs. They are terrifically inspiring!
The only problem is you need batteries for when the sun goes in!
I hate trying not to be a robot. I think robots fill in these pass words don't they?

Gayle said...

This is such a great post.....
We would all do well to remember this wouldn't we?!

Art of RetroCollage said...

Excellent advice!

Cynthia Eloise Starr said...

good point.