Soul Journey

As I walked outside in the early morning light,
the moon was hanging in the western sky,
full and shiny.

Ah, I thought.
Maybe that's it.

I've been feeling particularly open
the past few days;
feeling tender and raw as if I'm taking on
some secret sadness from unknown sources.

Sensing that I'm wide open psychic-ly
and not particularly well shielded.

Feeling mutable and changeable
as if the slightest breeze
will alter the way things look to me forever.

"Mutable" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian.

If, as I've been told,
this wander I'm going on starting in mid-week
will alter me in profound ways I can't anticipate,

the cycles of the moon,
the wind ruffling the water's surface,
the feeling of tenderness for the suffering in the world
and a sense of being on the cusp
of something too big to grasp with my mind

are probably all part of the travel package.

A little preview,
so to speak.

Soul Journey.

All aboard. . . . .


poefusion said…
that water looks so calm, soothing and inviting. love the red building reflecting upon the water's surface. have a great day.
ELK said…
beauty in the image ...and the journey...punch my ticket! if I'm taking on some secret sadness..

You're on a journey, pondering the sources of your being....

Prayers and good thoughts for you and your friend Sarah from the previous post.
Sweet to savour the pensive moments. Your art is superb!!
deb did it said…
oh that photo is beautiful.
and as for your journey...go in peace, searching for solitude, rest and rejuvenation. Travel safe.
prashant said…
Sweet to savour the pensive moments. Your art is superb!
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