Inner Work

The outward work can never be small
if the inward one is great,
and the outward work can never be great or good
if the inward is small or of little worth.

The inward work always includes in itself
all size, all breadth and all length.

- Meister Eckhart

"Time Travel" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian.

So much work to be done
on every level.

Here's a glimpse of my emerging series
called Time Within Time.
That's one facet of the work calling out to me.
Each of the pieces in this new series
includes the iconic sunflower,
which always seeks to face the light
even though it encounters times of darkness and shadow
so deep that the light seems extinguished forever.
Then the light breaks through again.
Pure, clear light.

So many layers to be explored.
So many poems to find.
So many songs to sing.

Come dance with me.


Absoluely lovely, Meri. I love the sunflower, too. it holds its head so strongly and follows the sun. Good advice, no? xxox
Gina said…
Gorgeous sunflower, Meri! Is this painted on fabric or canvas or paper?
kt said…
ooh the magic of the sunflower
Meri said…
Gina: The answer to your question is: none of the three. It's a multi-layered digital image -- two or three separate photographs (can't remember which. . . I think maybe only two, in this case) layered on top of each other, followed by the use of transparency brushes to expose the lower layer and blend with the upper layers. It can be printed as a classic photo, but I will print images at least 18 x 24, maybe larger, on watercolor or lithograph paper to frame for showing. They could also be professionally printed on canvas or in a new technique that prints photos on top of a coated layer of metal. The technique is new and expensive and I've only seen a sample, but I'm tempted to try it at least once and see what I think. There are several options for big pieces, including an option that floats the piece off the wall eliminating the need for framing.

It does have a painterly look though, doesn't it?
A.Smith said…
Oh so beautiful! it makes me think of the last gasp of Summer already dressed with the colors of Autumn.
I love the path your work is taking, and thank you for the warmth today, I truly appreciate it.
HeartFire said…
Meri, that is a stunning sunflower, and I love the words to go with it.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

and so many of your beautiful images for us to enjoy...

the sunflower does have a strong presence and a potency...

Happy days
ELK said…
so easy to dance with a vivid image such as this meri...

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